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How to do yoga?  yoga at dynamic body, www.dynamicbody.net, restorative yoga, yoga breathing, backbending, Yoga in Missouri, yoga in nixa, yoga in rogersville, yoga in republic, yoga in willard, forward bending, prenatal yoga, post natal yoga, yoga private lessons, Standing poses of Yoga.  How to do down dog. Yoga in Springfield, MO and  the surrounding area.  At Heavens Valley Yoga, we take pride in Yoga and the Yoga classes we provide. Yoga postures are our Goal for our students.. Yoga classes and our professional Yoga teacher training and Doula services. Restorative Yoga and Flow Yoga with several Yoga postures are incorporated in each class. Many Yoga students are referring theirs friendly Yogis to heavens Valley Yoga. Yoga in Springfield, Nixa, and surrounding areas of Missouri.  Southwest Missouri and Yoga Classes are offered through Heavens Valley Yoga and Lori Walker Nall acting Teachers/owner. There are many ways people look for Yoga classes some of these classes are afternoons and evenings and are also offering Yoga classes as part of the Springfield Public Schools wellness program. Many yogis and yoginis are excited about the Heavens Valley Yoga Facebook page and Facebook group. Beginner Yoga students and advanced Yoga students are excited to make posts on Facebook page Heavens Valley Yoga also love to follow me on Twitter at Twitter/heavenlyyoga.  Heavens Valley Yoga sanctuary offers a blog for comments and communications sharing their excitement about Yoga classes offered at the studio and the Public school buildings.  Nixa Public Schools are looking at offering Heavens Valley Yoga classes in the near future.  If you are looking for stress relief Yoga, flowing yoga, healthy yoga, cardio Yoga on the south side of springfield, Missouri, MO then heavens Valley yoga is the place to look.  Yoga offers better health and spinal health.  www.heavensvalleyyoga.com  serves spg., springfield, nixa, Rogersville, republic, Missouri. Yoga props are available for purchase and yoga orders can be taken. We are the Yoga studio for the area.  Yoga retreats are something that heavens valley yoga is interested in for the community of Yogis.  The Yoga studio is on Republic Rd. near Fremont and National.  Yoga studio is near Campbell, arris pizza, the buzz, Walgreens, mamma jeans and dynamic earth. Yoga mala info as available. Beginners and advanced students of Yoga are welcome.  Breathe Yoga, Hatha Yoga, all offered at cross training building Hot Yoga, bikram yoga, kundalini yoga, Success naturally when you participate in yoga. where do i find birth support. Birth support. Doula in Springfield missouri. Doula support.  Experienced doula. Baby Wearing. Ring slings. Slinglings. Wearing your baby. Baby Carriers. Delivery support.


  I would like to invite you to discover yourself, find a yoga practice that speaks to you, and join a warmhearted encouraging community of other yogis.

    Whether you are just considering yoga or have an advanced practice, or would like the compassion of a Doula, I will be committed to helping you find the calm, healing and powerful stillness that lies within you.

    My goal is to provide a beautiful, clean and inspiring place for you to enjoy the practice of yoga as it leads you toward increased physical strength, flexibility, mental clarity and balance.

May we find our way on this path together.

“I look forward to helping you create

Peace in the moment.”

Bringing YOGA2U




Sounds for Meditation
The power of breath

quote of the day

“I relax and cast aside all mental burdens, allowing God to express through me His perfect love, peace, and wisdom.”

Paramahansa Yogananda


"We cannot take a single step toward heaven. It is not in our power to travel in a vertical direction. If however we look heavenward for a long time, God comes and takes us up."

                      -Simone Weil,

Waiting for God,            1950

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